A famous proverb says: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are” and we could add: “Tell me how and with whom you eat and I will tell you if you are happy“.

These last two years have put a strain on our social life. For a long time we have been deprived of the pleasure of spending time together at the table, in front of a good glass of wine, talking, comparing, laughing and even discussing. We realise, only now more than ever, how precious that time was for us, for our souls and for our well-being.

Conviviality is a luxury that everyone can afford because it is not related to ‘what’ or ‘where’ you eat but to “with whom” and “how” you eat. Conviviality is the pleasure derived from being with others at the table. The convivial meal is the one in which one confronts each other savouring tastes and foods that have a history and a symbolic meaning linked to ethnic traditions and rituals of each society that passes them on internally. Today, food is no longer just an act of nourishment but an important moment of sharing, an exchange of emotions. Lunch and dinner become opportunities for socialising, getting to know each other better and creating a deeper bond.

At the Ariosto Social Club we are convinced that conviviality is one of those little pleasures that make life interesting, that give it that flicker of cheerfulness and brightness that then helps us to face difficult moments. “Staying together” is the fil rouge of the culinary experience that we offer every day in our bistro Uovodiseppia” Milano, a space dedicated not only to good food, the starred food of Chef Pino Cuttaia, but also to the pleasure of words and human relations.

As well as consolidating social relationships, friendships, business and intellectual ties, sharing food and enjoying it together are also acts of interpersonal communication: they bring people together by allowing them to share impressions, desires, emotions, moments of happiness or sorrow.

The sensory anthropologist David Le Breton writes: “At the common table, the pleasure of a taste is accentuated if someone talks about it in such a way as to awaken in others a perception similar to their own. The narration of a meal prolongs it in other ways, resurrects its flavours in the imagination”.  Nothing could be truer, because the joys of conversation with pleasant company increase those of the table, the food and its taste!

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