Ariosto Social Club’s Boutique Gym & Spa

Edoardo Vicini and Stefano Airaghi – CEO Infiniteness

Wellness professionals and founders of Infiniteness, a benefit corporation that finds its main vocation in promoting the culture of physical education, to facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge, to develop better self-awareness and increase personal and social satisfaction.

Training (and allying) towards a new lifestyle

Ariosto Social Club’s boutique gym & spa, looked after by the Infiniteness project, is the place to experiment a new approach to fitness, with a continuously improving training method and readapted to the needs and objectives of each individual.
Infiniteness is not a simple gym, but a short and long-term positive experience: a place dedicated to authenticity, where you can live your own evolution and express your endless potential thanks to the alliance with an expert team, facilitator of a new lifestyle.

Wellness and Sport in Milan, in one place

Training as a new lifestyle and as a precious tool to express our own potential: this is the vision of Ariosto Social Club wellness space. Divided into three zones (Indoor and Outdoor Sport, Spa and Health), the Infiniteness space is designed to offer the individual a positive, authentic and highly captivating experience, as well as a catalyst of motivation and inspiration, to achieve your own objectives, thanks to the solid partnership with our personal trainers.

Personal training, Group training, Online training
200 m2 area, divided into three rooms: Health, Balance & Skills, Conditioning
Indoor personal training activities
Outdoor personal training and group circuit training activities (coming soon)
Outdoor personal training and group circuit training activities (coming soon)
Wellness for body and mind
Sauna and steam bath
Ice waterfall
Relaxation area and herbal tea corner