We are about to say goodbye to winter and we feel the need to banish, almost “chase away”, the greyness and coldness that characterised it from our bodies. What better way than a moment of relaxation in the innovative Infiniteness spa in the Ariosto Social Club?

We can’t help but think of the feeling of relaxation and regeneration we get from a good sauna, especially after a hard day’s work, not to mention the many benefits such a treatment can bring to the body.

Its benefits become more appreciated every year. One of the main reasons for going to the sauna is the idea of losing weight. Contrary to what you might think, however, losing weight is not achieved by sweating, but by increasing the heart rate. By beating faster, the heart helps the body to burn more calories. On average, a sauna helps to burn about 300 calories, the equivalent of an hour’s walk.

But not only losing weight: Thanks to high temperatures, we can cleanse our body of toxins, eliminate stress, improve skin tone, eliminate lactic acid and relax our muscles, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, help breathing, delay ageing and… feel pleasure!

Yes, pleasure, because the relaxation offered by the sauna facilitates the release of endorphins, the substances that give a special feeling of well-being throughout the body.  Because let’s face it, a list of physical and psychological benefits is always useful to know, but without the pleasure it brings… it wouldn’t be the same.

Not only Infiniteness, Ariosto Social Club is able to satisfy all your “wellness” needs, from a culinary experience at the bistro “Uovodiseppia Milano, to a weekend or even a single night of relaxation with a starred dinner in your room, at one of the twenty sophisticated flats, or even a shopping break dedicated only to you at the boutique of Valeria Benatti.

All this is at your disposal at the Ariosto Social Club, the multifaceted space in Milan, in Via Ariosto 22, which offers the possibility of experiencing “wellness” in complete harmony, as a paradigm of a healthy lifestyle that aims at physical and psychological well-being.