Today more than ever, with spring just around the corner, blossoming despite the horrors to which it is forced, in spite of itself, to act as a backdrop, we feel the need to be “reborn” to a new life and a new social model based on respect for others and on instances of beauty, equality and love.

In the Ariosto Social Club we have always tried to move in this direction, move after move, even with small but significant gestures. One example is Valeria Benatti’s boutique with its sustainable and fair trade proposals.

Being sustainable does not only mean respecting the environment but also creating a circular economy that respects and promotes cultural identity and people, their diversity, their world.

The boutique is a space designed for men and women who are curious and sensitive to sustainability in the full sense of the word. It will welcome you with joy and show you the selection of new products chosen especially for you.

Elegance, style and exclusivity are the protagonists of a dream come true in the wide selection of soft clothing, original accessories, handmade jewellery and Tibetan malas, as well as many ideas for gifts to give and receive. Bright, sunny colours that recall springtime, the desire to live, joy, beauty, peace, colours that fill the eyes and heart with warmth, as if wanting to break down all kinds of darkness and violence, colours that burst forcefully and impetuously into our eyes, into our minds and for a few moments give us moments of serenity and make us forget, even if only for a few moments, everything that is bad in our world.

Not only the boutique but the entire Ariosto Social Club is confirmed as a conscious place where the services offered, from the flats to the Infiniteness gym to the “Uovodiseppia” Milano bistro, are proposed with respect for the people around us. Here with us, you can have an all-round experience by immersing yourself in a magical place, where the words “beauty” and “peace” dominate, leaving out all kinds of worries and anxiety.