At the Ariosto Social Club you can celebrate this special day by exchanging your love vows over dinner at the bistro “Uovodiseppia” in Milan, then spend a romantic night in one of the elegant flats and seal the moment with an intimate breakfast… and why not? Also treat yourself to a couples spa at the Infiniteness wellness area.

Valentine’s Day has very ancient origins. It was created in 496 A.D. at the wish of Pope Gelasius I, who dedicated it to three saints in order to erase its pagan origins and the uninhibited and unrestrained celebrations that characterised it. Of Roman origin, it was celebrated on 15 February and was dedicated to Luperco, god of fertility, whose extremely unruly rituals did not reconcile with the pure and chaste idea of Christian love. To “baptise” the festival of love, Pope Gelasius I decided to bring it forward to the previous day, 14 February, dedicating it to St Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

The literary origin is, instead, to be ascribed to Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of the Canterbury Tales, who at the end of the 14th century, on the occasion of the wedding between Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, wrote the epic piece The Parliament of Fowls, a poem in 700 verses that associates Cupid with Valentine’s Day, thus becoming the otherworldly medium of the dimension of courtly love.

There are also some historical references suggesting that Valentine’s Day was dedicated to lovers as early as the first centuries of the second millennium. These included the High Court of Love, an institution inspired by the principles of courtly love, which was intended to decide on disputes related to love contracts, betrayal and violence against women.

Going beyond legends, literature and history, this is certainly a very important day for all lovers, a holiday that couples love to spend together in a special way so that the memories remain indelible.

Ariosto Social Club is an exclusive and original place to spend a unique day with your loved one right in the center of Milan. If you want to give yourself this gift, Ariosto Social Club awaits you at 22 Via Ludovico Ariosto.

Happy Saint Valentine’s!