Recently we often hear terms like “fair trade” and “sustainable fashion“. But what is their real meaning and what do they actually indicate?

Shopping is fun but it is good to be aware that it pollutes our planet. The data related to the fashion industry are impressive. Twenty per cent of the world’s water pollution is caused by the production of clothing. From textile production to the procurement of materials, passing through trade and final use, the fashion supply chain consumes a lot of energy which is responsible for carbon emissions, exhaust gases and combustion waste.

Sustainability aims to protect the environment through the use of low-impact materials, both in production and disposal. It is important that we inform ourselves about the environmental impact or CO2 footprint of the clothes we are going to buy.

Fashion and fair trade put people and the environment at the heart of business. Being sustainable does not only mean respecting the environment but also creating a circular economy that respects and promotes the cultural identity and traditional skills of small producers.

If you also think that respect for our planet and for people passes through small gestures, then you will find what you are looking for in Valeria Benatti’s boutique in the Ariosto Social Club.

I have tried to bring together in one space clothes, objects, accessories and jewellery that might appeal to men and women who, like me, are curious and explorers of the new, and sensitive to the theme of consumer ecology. I have chosen each object with care, looking for products capable of implementing innovative and fair solutions based not only on profit but also on ethics and sustainability”. These were the ambitious ideas that inspired Valeria in creating the Ariosto Social Clubstore.

The boutique is a space designed for men and women who are curious and sensitive to sustainability and ecological consumption. We will welcome you with joy and show you the selection of products we have chosen to excite you.

Soft clothes, original accessories, handmade jewellery and Tibetan malas, as well as many ideas for gifts to give and receive. Deliveries for online purchases are also designed with this in mind. The boutique uses BICICOURIERS, which contributes to eco-sustainable development in our city using only bicycles as a means of transport.