The personal trainer has become an essential figure for those who want to commit to training and achieve serious results.

The Pandemic has changed our habits: Overcrowded gyms are still not considered safe and, during the lockdown, many of us got into the habit of working out with a personal trainer via video conference to stay in shape even when restrictions required us to stay at home.

The main difference between a trainer in a gym and a personal trainer is that a personal trainer not only tailors training to personal needs but also takes care of other aspects of physical health such as posture, motor rehabilitation after an injury or a healthy lifestyle.

Relying on an Infiniteness personal trainer means being able to plan your workouts according to your personal goals and physical characteristics.

A personal trainer is ready to follow anyone, from those who do sport and train daily, to those who have never entered a gym but would like to start by being followed. From those who have noticed that by simply going to the gym they do not notice any improvement and therefore want to change their method, to those who have realised that no one at the gym follows them as they would like and therefore want someone to do so.

The advantages of using a personal trainer

First of all, there is a greater awareness of training that leads to better results, a scientific method and a specificity of training, without neglecting the safety aspect: Being followed reduces the risk of injury. A tailor-made workout is achieved through the correct setting of exercises, with a programme that respects the biomechanical and postural characteristics of the individual: Aspects that our personal trainers take into account as part of their knowledge gained during their studies at our Academy.

The psychological aspect should also not be underestimated: Choosing a personal trainer means relying on someone and trusting him and his choices. Having a direct interlocutor with whom to confront and clarify one’s doubts.

If you believe that this method is suitable for you, Infiniteness, the exclusive gym inside the Ariosto Social Club, is for you: you will find professionalism, courtesy, confidentiality and competence.

All trainers are carefully selected and must undertake the Infiniteness Academy, a three-year programme where they learn the Infiniteness method, based on three fundamental points:

  • neurophysiology of human movement,
  • postural and balancing systems,
  • articular biomechanics.

Only in this way will they be able to train and teach our clients how to stay fit and healthy.