Our store in the Ariosto Social Club building at 22 Via Ariosto is a place to discover.

Opened less than a year ago and run with passion by journalist and writer Valeria Benatti, former voice of RTL 102.5, the store has a character as strong and well-defined as its owner.

The tireless search for ethical and sustainable companies has led to a preference for Made in Italy brands offering natural fabrics, such as “Fusioni“, which makes 100% orange shirts, i.e. made from orange peel, or 100% milk shirts, made from milk fibres. There is no shortage of cashmere from “Kangra” and homewear from “Angela Pyjamas and Surroundings” for men and women who love a comfortable and chic style.

Much attention is also paid to upcycling with original and fun proposals, from the belts by “Cycled” made from bicycle tyres to the earrings by “La Gallina Visionaria” made from pieces of vintage watches and recycled metals, to kimonos, scarves and patchwork cushions made in Sicily from recycled fabrics by Eugenio Vazzano’s “Melilli Factory“.

Among the solidarity proposals, the colourful silk and wood necklaces of “Loom Fairtrade” have just arrived. They are handmade with wooden looms in Vietnam’s Thai Binh district by the silk artisans of Craft Link, an association that has been supporting groups of producers for twenty years with the aim of improving their living conditions through the marketing of the products they make.

The aluminium jewellery made from unexploded bombs by “No War Factory” also comes from Asia, while the Tibetan shoes made from recycled fabrics are made by inmates of the nearby Opera prison and are designed by “Borseggi”.

The marvellous sequined berets made by “La cura sono io” (The cure is me), a very active association which has just opened a help desk for patients, are designed for cancer patients but suitable for everyone.

The collaboration with CAF, the Centro Aiuto Famiglia of Milan, continues through the sale of its “Chicchi di felicità” (grains of happiness), in this case velvet bags or jewellery, the proceeds of which go to support projects for minors in difficulty.

 “The deep meaning of the gift has been lost: If thought through carefully it is really an act of love. It is a matter of identifying with the recipient, imagining their tastes, and trying to surprise them with something that will excite them. Instead of living the consumerist aspect and the race for gifts, we should recover the beauty of this gesture, buy less and choose better, without hurry, with more attention. So then the gift becomes a beautiful and meaningful ritual ”, says Valeria Benatti with conviction. And there are many gifts to give from heart in the store.