If you want to live an unforgettable experience to celebrate the most awaited time of the year, Ariosto Social Club is waiting for you! From 15 December to 15 January, thanks to the proposal conceived for the festive season, you can experience comfort, design, elegance and Michelin-starred cuisine in a single, intimate and exclusive location, a stone’s throw from Milan’s main tourist attractions.

The package includes a dinner at the bistro of Uovodiseppia Milano with a tasting menu and an overnight stay in an exclusive two-room apartment with breakfast at a cost of € 390 for two people, € 530 for three people and € 670 for four people (excluding 31 December).

Ariosto Social Club is an innovative concept, where the word “beauty” is proposed as the “fil rouge” of a 360° experience. A multifaceted space that houses luxury flats, the Infiniteness gym with spa, Valeria Benatti’s boutique and the recently opened Uovodiseppia Milano bistro of Michelin-starred chef Pino Cuttaia.

You will be able to stay in one of the exclusive two-room apartments, whose furnishings enhance the combination of charm, tradition and technology. The flats capture the essence of Italian design and taste with furnishings by Dada, Molteni&C, Vitra, Society Limonta: Elements that can be purchased by the client.

But not only! Thanks to the gastronomic proposals of the tasting menu by Pino Cuttaia, you will have the opportunity to taste Sicily in the centre of Milan: A culinary journey where flavours and fragrances from the North and the South meet in respect of tradition, raw materials and sustainability, but enriched and ennobled by flashes of innovation and experimentation.

Ariosto Social Club is a unique, timeless, charming and comfortable place where you can be pampered and feel at home.