Over recent years on the gastronomic front, we are witnessing a progressive tendency on the part of consumers to make increasingly conscious choices from the point of view of sustainability, favouring seasonal foods, increasingly local, perhaps purchased directly from the producer and, why not healthier. Food trends therefore speak of a new combination of healthy, quality food and a return to tradition.

The impact that Covid has had on our eating habits has been profound and has led to a change of course towards more careful choices that respect nature, a nature that has proved unpredictable.

Industry players have also realised that the key to overcoming this period is to meet the customer’s needs, their internal needs. Observing the world not from above but from within, in order to empathise with consumers and respond to their needs efficiently and consistently with new lifestyles.

Milan, with its centuries-old gastronomic memory, has been able to assimilate this new philosophy and return to tradition and simplicity. Increasingly multifaceted, it offers a gastronomic stage that encompasses flavours and fragrances from all over the country but with an almost reverential respect for the land and for the product.

The sustainable experience of “Uovodiseppia” Milan

One example is the bistro Uovodiseppia” in Milan, inside the Ariosto Social Club, opened by Michelin-starred chef Pino Cuttaia, a Sicilian from Licata, which offers unique experiences of culinary conviviality, from breakfast to aperitifs, from lunch to dinner. A fusion of Sicily and Northern Italy that offers traditional dishes enriched with the flavours of the South, such as saffron risotto with mullet ragout and fennel. The inner courtyard also allows you to take a relaxing break outdoors, so it’s a great way to carve out precious moments in between your busy work schedule or just take a break during a day of shopping. All prepared with respect for the raw material and with an eye to sustainability.

Ariosto Social Club has turned sustainability into a must! Not only the bistro but also all the other spaces, from the boutique to the flats and the gym, have been designed to reduce waste of any kind. Ariosto Social Club is therefore not only a multi-faceted space dedicated to wellness and relaxation, but also confirms itself as a conscious place where the services offered are proposed in respect for the environment that surrounds and welcomes us.